Jon Henderson Memorial Scholarship

Jon Henderson Memorial Scholarship


The Jon Henderson Memorial Scholarship is the true testimony and legacy of a brother’s love for the Kappa Sigma fraternity.


The Jon Henderson Memorial Scholarship seeks to enrich the lives of Kappa Sigma undergraduate and graduate brothers excelling in leadership, academics, and brotherhood, and solidifying the legacy of a man who was a shining example of the fraternity.


Jon was raised in Rhode Island, with his parents and sister and two brothers. His mom and dad were high level executives within the local and regional television industries, which got Jon involved in entertainment at a very early age.

He journeyed 3000 miles so he could attend college at San Diego State university (SDSU) and joined the Epsilon Iota chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity in the Spring of 1979. During his years at SDSU, he was a very active and well respected member of the fraternity, serving in various executive committee roles. Jon developed many long lasting friendships during his time at SDSU, which he cherished throughout his life.

After college, Jon became deeply involved in music. He was a very talented musician and started a few bands that achieved moderate levels of success in the Los Angeles area, most notably a band called “Spyz.” With both of his parents in the television business, he also followed that same path and worked at some of the local affiliates during his time in LA. He decided to get out of TV, moved to Atlanta and started a very successful advertising business.

Jon remained very supportive of Kappa Sigma, especially the Epsilon Iota chapter. He was a founding member of the San Diego Area Alumni Association (SDAAA), and was a big contributor to supporting the alumni and providing his guidance and direction to the undergraduate brothers. He was a dear friend to many alumni, more than a brother, and a very special person who was loved by many. He truly lived what Kappa Sigma is all about, as the fraternity was always a large part of his heart and soul.

Jon found out he had cancer in the early 2000’s. He fought a gallant battle, trying many new and innovative treatments that allowed him to live a good life. He remained close to his friends and the fraternity, providing his support whenever needed. He succumbed to the disease in 2009. In his last will and testament, Jon left a substantial amount of money to be managed by Brothers David Schofield and Dieter Baier, to provide scholarship awards to Kappa Sigma undergraduate and graduate students attending colleges in southern California. A true testimony to his love for Kappa Sigma, which undoubtedly has become his legacy.

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